Pre-op Prep Classes

We offer pre-op prep classes and post-surgery support groups for patients and their primary support people. These sessions are always moderated by one of our doctors, dietitians, or chef.

These pre-op prep classes are only for patients who are enrolled in our program. If you are interested in information or are interested in enrolling in our program please contact us by using the "Contact Us" tab.

Read before attending pre-op prep classes!

  • Sign in at each pre-op prep class on the sign-in sheet
  • Do NOT bring children to classes
  • You must complete Five (5) Pre-Op prep classes before your initial surgeonís appointment
  • You must complete Ten (10) Pre-Op prep classes before your surgery date
  • If pre-op prep classes held on the same day have different topics, they may each count towards your 10 classes. Pre-op prep classes with the same topic held in one day may only count once toward your 10 classes
  • NO Pre-op prep patients in Post-surgery classes
  • After surgery, you will advance to the post-surgery support groups
  • Questions for the office staff or physician must be handled during office hours (8am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-12pm Fri)
  • All patients must sign and weigh in for Two (2) Pre-op prep classes a month.
  • If you are weighing in, please arrive 15-30 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to get vitals recorded, NO weights/vitals will be taken once a Support Groups class has started or at any other times throughout the day.

*As part of the 10 required pre-op prep classes, (5) classes/topics are mandatory including: Surgery 101, (1) Physician group, (1) Dietitian group, (1) Nurse group, and (1) Psychology group.

Pre-op prep classes are restricted to 50 attendees, patients arriving after the capacity limit has been reached will not be allowed to join the group regardless of the time.

Click the links below to learn more about your group!


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Greenwood Pre-Op Prep Class Schedule December 2017

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