We would like to educate you on what your surgical options are. Video presentations are shown during business hours here in our office located @ 2104 Woodruff Road. To register for one of our video presentations, please contact Carmen at (864) 676-1072, extension 2110. You may also view our video presentation on weight loss surgery on our website. Visit our homepage to click on the link. Video presentations and information sessions are also available in our Anderson and Greenwood office locations.

Anderson Office Location: 105 Broadbent Way, Anderson SC, 29625
Phone: 864-226-2290

Greenwood Office Location: 105 Vine Crest Court, Greenwood, SC 29646

Registration is required. Thank you!

Zumba Classes by Dr. Patricia Eichhorn

Dr. Eichhorn teaches Zumba classes every Tuesday evening @ 7:15pm in the ATI gym on the 2nd Floor of Hillcrest Hospital. If you are interested in attending just show up!!

For the most up to date information, visit Zumba Fitness with Doc Trish on Facebook.

Cooking Classes with Chef James Cline of Nutrition Solutions.

Check your support group schedule! We offer cooking classes quarterly. Chef, James Cline will plan, prepare and demonstrate how to cook healthy recipes. We will have a cooking demonstration of the featured recipe and will let you sample what has been prepared!

Streamed live on Mar 26, 2014, a discussion about surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. "Hanging out with Dr. Scott"