Now Offering Stretta Therapy for treatment of GERD

Stretta treats the underlying cause of GERD - a weak muscle between the stomach and esophagus. It is a non-surgical procedure that significantly reduces GERD symptoms and can help a majority of patients stop taking or decrease medications. Click Here for more information.

Now Offering Credit Program

Bariatric Solutions now offers patients a credit program that can be used toward any expenses and services. Patients can apply online at to pay for any bariatric procedure. This program is offered through Prosper Healthcare Lending. Once you complete the online application you will receive an answer in minutes.

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Krista's Story

I had been over weight for most of my life. After getting married in my late twenties my weight became a major health issue. At 340 lbs my life had become a dismal rotation of work, eat and sleep. A simple trip to Wal-Mart felt more like a marathon.

After years of failed diets and weight loss programs, I decided to attend the bariatric program information session that a coworker told me about. From that first meeting I knew that in order to improve my health and well-being I had to take the first step.

I met many new friends attending the support group meetings. The doctors and the staff are very supportive and encouraging in every aspect of the process. Even after you reach your goal they encourage you to continue attending support groups and dietary consult to help you stay on track with eating healthy and making the right choices.

After losing 197 lbs. I feel like my life has just began. A walk through the mall is a joy instead of a struggle. Even after losing the first 25 lbs. on the pre surgery diet I felt so much better. Most people think looking good is the most important thing about weight loss. But I have found that feeling good outweighs looking good any day.

Bariatric Solutions has an answer for your weight loss goal if you are willing to take that first step. Attend a meeting you will not regret it!! Remember bariatric surgery is not a quick fix, it a tool you have to put forth the effort.

Krista Miller

It's not about the weight you's about the life you gain!

At Bariatric Solutions part of the Greenville Health System, we believe it's not about the weight you lose - it's about the life you gain. Whether it's a non-surgical or a surgical procedure such as gastric bypass, lap band or sleeve gastrectomy our board certified and fellowship-trained physicians and dedicated staff will help you choose the procedure that is right for you. And, in many cases, insurance WILL help with the cost. We have 3 locations across the upstate including Greenville, Anderson and Greenwood.

You have so much more life to live! If you are ready to start your weight loss journey we encourage you to contact our office today.